Month of Thankfulness Day 1

It’s November again, which means a month of gratitude. While I try to regularly have a heart of gratitude, I enjoy taking time daily to think about the things I am truly thankful for, no matter how big or small.

Tonight I am thankful for my conversations with Kenniston. My sweet and innocent 5 year old has such heartfelt and meaningful conversations. She talks. A lot. Which, at times, can be overwhelming. I am trying to remember though that these conversations are important to her and for her sincere thoughts (which often times bring laughter) I am thankful.


During our conversation this evening, she was sharing her ideas about how she would run the military if she were president. She told me that she would just get a bunch of tanks and airplanes and go over to the bad guys and shot them all. This lead to a conversation about using words before attacking…the life of a “military brat” is rather unique to say the least.

This photo is unrelated to Kenniston’s fun conversations, but I still love it. She has been reading to her brother and sister a lot lately. They really enjoy hearing their big sister read to them.


Updated: November 2, 2011 — 2:43 am
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