More signs!

When I first started Kenniston on solid foods I decided to start teaching her various signs right away. As you may recall I taught her more (which she does occasionally), eat (still working on that one) and all done. At first I would say “all done” and sign all done after giving her the last bite. After I felt she semi-understood the concept, during meal time I ask Kenniston if she is done or if she wants more. I, obviously, start to ask this once we reach the last few bites of her dinner. Last week as I fed her dinner about half way through her second container of food (she eats 1-2 small containers)she kept her mouth shut and kept putting her arms in the air. It hit me, she was signing all done (the sign is both arms in the air while waving your hands in a twisting motion). I said “all done?” and she smiled and did it again!! Every time I would say the words all done she would do it again. I am thrilled at her accomplishments! She is still learning to communicate with signs, but she is doing so great! I am so proud of her.
She has also started doing the “so big” in the little game of “how big is baby?” We also say “how much does mommy/daddy love Kenniston” and she opens her arms out wide and smiles ear to ear.
Currently she has a nasty cough combined with nasal congestion. I know it is just a cold, but it still makes me sad to hear her coughing at night. She, however, remains very happy and playful as ever. She loves a mean game of peek-a-boo and will laugh up a storm anytime Vincent or I start hiding behind our hands. At bathtime when we put her washcloth over her face and say “where is Kenniston?” she grabs it and laughs when we respond with “there she is.”
On a totally random note….we have discovered a new diaper. As you might know, I started using cloth diapers several months ago. They have several benefits (cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and most importantly, free of harsh chemicals!). Washing diapers twice a week isn’t my favorite thing to do, however seeing a rash-free bottom every diaper change has been a big plus to this whole thing. I recently found a diaper called gDiaper. You can go to this website to learn more about it. Basically it is a cloth shell with a liner that has a flushable insert. The insert has no elemental chlorine or perfumes so it is much more friendly to the baby’s bottom than a disposable diaper, however since you just flush the liner instead of washing it there is no mess to worry about! I love it! I just ordered another package.

Updated: November 18, 2006 — 2:40 am
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