More than “just” a back pack

When we started praying about this upcoming adventure, we knew we would only proceed if we truly felt God was calling us to do so. Time and time again he has pushed us in this direction. We saw challenges, but God blew those out of the water and showed up in a big and unfathomable way.

All that to say, we passed one of our biggest hurdles.

We still have a few steps to go, but we are going to continue to trust God as we go forward. Even though we have passed this major hurdle, I have still felt a twinge of nervousness. It seems too amazing to be true. Do we really get to travel the US and explore? Do we really get to share the joy of service with our children, in such a big way? Wow.

Once we realized the direction we were headed, I felt ok enough to make a (small) purchase that was geared towards our big trip. I mentioned to Brian that I wanted a new backpack before our trip. 14 years ago, just a year before our wedding, I purchased a clearance Eddie Bauer backpack for our honeymoon. It was perfect for a newlywed couple. It held everything we needed during our honeymoon and other adventures we went on. The strap has broken a few times, the bottom survived a few (or several) spills, the drawstring came out years ago, but it still works. For the most part.

The problem is, we now have 6 people in our family. Our adventures are getting bigger and require more gear. Our little “couples” backpack is no longer meeting our needs. I knew I would need a new backpack for any future adventures.

With excitement, I began to scour the web for day hiking backpacks. I read reviews until my eyes were crossed. I finally found a backpack that I loved.

Today it arrived.


Purchasing this backpack, as silly as it sounds, was kind of a big thing. It wasn’t a big expense (it was kind of a birthday present), but it meant that this trip is real. It put me in a mindset of preparing for the adventure to come that God has planned for us. I am finding myself more and more excitied.


Updated: April 11, 2014 — 3:28 pm
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