My Boys

Jack Jack is outgrowing clothes quickly.  Today I realized he will wear an outfit for the one and only time.  It is an adorable Gap sleeper that I bought at a re-sale shop for a whooping fifty cents!!!  I will post a picture in dropshots soon.  The sweet little man has quite the noggin, it doesn’t allow him to wear many clothes because of it.  The funny thing is though, his head size is actually in the 40% which means that 60% of the boy population has a larger head than him!  Wow, I can’t imagine how quickly those boys go through clothes!  Either way I find him incredibly handsome.

Big brother Vincent is, as we all know tall and skinny.  He is such a passionate little man.  Everytime he hears a song he wants to know what song it is and who is singing it.  It seems like such knowledge is his biggest desire lately.  He made me most proud recently when he showed me his budding math skills.  He was watching a show this morning in which a character said something to the effect of “it’s as easy as 2 plus 2.”  I saw Vincent put 2 fingers from each hand up and he started to count them.  He then looked at me and said “Mommy, two plus two equals four!”  I am so proud of him!

Updated: June 5, 2008 — 12:51 am

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