My creative kiddos

Today was our stay at home day.  As per our usual Monday routine the kiddos could do any activity their hearts desired.  Vincent requested to make a “couch house” which turned into just a pile of pillows in front of the couch to jump onto.  At one point he said “Mommy I am going to be a mole.”  To which I replied “A mole?”  “Yes,” he said, “like the ones we saw at the zoo.”  After reminding him that those were merkats he procedeed to tell me all about what he was going to pretend.  “I am going to build a tunnel and make a home to live there with you and Jack and we can be a merkat family that lives underground and builds holes.”  After this explination he jumped under a big pillow and began to wiggle around.  We spent the rest of Brian’s lunch hour pretending to hide from lions and listening for other possible dangerous animals. 
Earlier in the day the big kids dug into our art supplies.  Kenniston, for the first time, used siscors today!  She did a gret job I might add!  She cut various pieces of scrap paper for about half an hour.  At one point she showed me a  triangle shapped paper that had various slits cut around it and told me it was a sail boat.  She then pretended to sail it around her picture she had created out of cut up blue, red and green paper. 
Vincent also went to town cutting up paper.  He still loves to glue with glue sticks, so you can imagine the fun he had!  When he was all done he told me that the yellow piece of paper sticking off of the end of his art work was a place that swimmers could jump off of into the water.  I asked him if he meant a diving board and he said yes.  He then went into a story about how swimmers could jump off of the paper onto the chair (which was really a pool) and swim around…it was a cute story. 

I really love our Monday ritual.  The twins have a chance to get a good nap (even if they don’t take one, as was the case today) so it makes for good Mommy and big kid time. 

Speaking of the twins, today they are 5 months old!!  It amazes how quickly 5 months pass.  I remember having 5 months left in the pregnancy, I was so anxious to get my life started as the mommy of twins.  It wasn’t that I wanted to rush the pregnancy or anything like that.  I was so cursious about life with twins in general.  I wanted to know if I would get any sleep at night, if my life would be totally chaotic, my house upside down, my dishes piled up, etc.  Surprisingly that isn’t *completely* the case.  So my laundry isn’t always folded and put away right away, the van doesn’t get emptied each and every day, our bathroom isn’t spotless, however, our house doesn’t look absolutely horrible.  With the exception of a few extra pillows from today’s fun, our living room is presentable.  The dishes only take up a small portion of one side of the sink.  We eat well rounded home made meals most of the week.  Well, I guess sleep is one thing I do miss, but oh well.  Life with twins is definilty busy and it is something only someone with twins could ever understand.  That last statement is hard to chew, but having had 2 singlestons and then twins, I can honestly say it is VERY different.  A doctor in the hospital told me that having twins isn’t “twice as hard, it is exponentially difficult.”  I think that is the best way to describe it. 
So now, here we are 5 months after thier birth and we are finally starting to settle in, I say starting because life will inevitably wax and wane, we are parents after all and nothing will ever stay the same.
Oh, so I guess you want a baby update, I guess so.  Both babies are showing their individual personalities more and more everyday.  Jack is our little bruiser.  He is a happy little boy, but mad he will fuss in the van each and every time we go anywhere.  Other than that he is pretty content.  Today I got him belly laughing hysterically.  Ruby was watching and she had to join the fun as well.  She was busy playing with her feet which she does a lot now days.  Jack has touched his toes here and there, but I think his cute pudgy belly is in the way of him playing with his feet.  He does, however, love to jump in the jumperoo.  Both babies love to roll around, though Ruby will scream (not necessarily angry sounds) when she rolls to her tummy.  Both babies also love to jabber a lot and coo regularly.  By regularly I mean at all hours.  Last night Ruby was jabbering around 2:30 am or so.  I have to admit, it is kinda cute.

Ok, I have typed enough for now.  I need to go put up some pictures (finally).

Updated: August 19, 2008 — 5:32 am
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