My kids are neat

My kids have always been able to meet new people. They can pretty much talk to anyone they meet. Today I took photos for our co-op. Families came and went through out the day to sign their children up for classes and have their photo taken for the co-op’s year book. My kids did their school work then went out to the playground to play (while teenagers watched them).

Vincent, being the outgoing kid that he is, came in at one point, stood beside a child I was about to photograph and put his arm around the child. He then looked at me and said “ok, now take our picture.” The boy (Isaiah, as you can see in the photo) laughed and went along with it. Vincent gave him a thumbs up and went back outside to play.


Later in the day while we were at ballet for the girls, Vincent started a conversation with the grandmother of a girl in ballet. As he sat there chatting about Star Wars Legos (yes, shocking, I know!), a friend of mine commented on how Vincent (and the other kiddos) were neat kids. She went on to say that they were all friendly, kind, outgoing kids that were easy to get along with and minded well. She noted how cool it was for Vincent to hold a conversation with an adult. Even though I daily see how awesome my kids are, her kind words will not be forgotten.

Updated: January 18, 2012 — 5:54 am
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