My my how times change

Recently my friend Mandy has lent us her daughter once a week to help us out with the kiddos.  Nina loves our kids and I am sure the fact we pay her 10 times her normal weekly allowance helps.  She usually comes over in the afternoon, then we take her home the next day.  24 hours with help is an amazing thing.  Tonight, we decided to take advantage of such help, we decided to have a date night.
As I talked to Mandy on the phone I mentioned our date night idea.  She got quiet then said “make sure you leave her with Amy’s phone number.”  I thought that was a little odd, but I said “oh ok, we won’t be very far, in fact we would get there before Amy would were something to happen.”  Then Mandy started mentioning bad case sceenerios such as all kids waking up (we planned on leaving after the kids went to bed) or the babies crying etc.  I then mentioned that we would just be across the highway at a coffee shop.  Mandy almost started laughing at this point.  She thought I meant we were going on a date, a real date (dinner and movies).  Wow, that is sad.  Our version of a date is a cup of coffee, normal peoples version is dinner and a movie.  After that she realized why I wasn’t so concerned about leaving Nina with the kids. 
Date nights for us are a way to connect, no matter what it is we do.  Brian and I could very well discuss the latest and greatest in our living room after the kids go down, however, as us mom’s all know, looking around we would probably find something else that we “have to do.”  I think that is why so many of us couples with yongins would rather pay 4 bucks for a cup of joe then 15 bucks for a movie on a date night.  Something that doesn’t have the chaos and noise that normal life creates.  We found comfort in the soft leather couches in the corner of our Forza coffee shop.  We chatted for just over an hour about everything from canker sores to gray clouds and driving ability to movies.  It reminded me of our first date, it was great coffee and oh yeah, we had a coupon.  Who could beat that?

Updated: August 1, 2008 — 5:51 am
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