My sweet, not so graceful or innocent, Kenniston

I feel so bad, I hardly mention Kenniston on the blog.  The funny thing is, I have been accussed of her being my favorite.  While I don’t have a favorite per se, I will tell you Kenniston is my sweet, not so graceful or innocent little girl that I thuroughly enjoy.  She has this huge love of ballerinas and princesses right now.  She will randomly twirl and sing “ballerina ballerina” at any given time.  It is adorable to watch.  Equally adorable to watch is the way she runs.  That girl puts her body, from the tips of her hair down to her toes, into running.  It looks like a curly haired penguin when she runs.  I have no idea how such a beautiful sweet girl runs like that. 
Unfortunately Kenniston recently learned that she doesn’t necessarily have to stay in her bed during nap.  My once one hour of gaurenteed relaxation has now been turned into a 4 ring circus (I gotta give each kid a ring here, it is only fair and all).  It has been replaced with reminding an almost 4 year old little boy to go back to his room every 4.5 minutes, popping pacifiers back into one of two babies mouths and directing a curly haired 2 year old back to her bed.  After I put that little girl back into her I remind her that it is naptime and she needs to sleep, to which she replies in the sweetest little voice EVER “ok Mommy.”  It makes it so hard to bed upset.  My heart melts every time.  Seriously, how can I be upset?
Updated: June 13, 2008 — 7:43 am
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