New Year Communion

As you may have heard (in our handy dandy newsletter), Vincent and Kenniston were baptized this past summer. It was an amazing thing watching as each of our older children proclaimed their faith in Christ, then with the help of our pastor, went under water as a symbol of washing away their sins. I have a blog post saved about that day and will soon share it, but I digress.

Now that Kenniston and Vincent have accepted Christ I felt it was appropriate that they joined in communion in church. Now that they have accepted Christ taking communion is more than just eating stale wafers and drinking grape juice, it is about fully accepting Christ and the act of physically taking him in. So when our church had communion at our pastor’s home this past weekend, we let Vincent and Kenniston take part in it. They were full of questions and I quietly answered them. I couldn’t help but to be proud of them while I watched as they both take part.





Updated: January 2, 2012 — 4:31 am
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