no sleep, grouchy mood, it got better

I wanted to work on a project so I stayed up much later than normal.
As I lay there afterwards trying to sleep, my mind was full of things I needed to finish.
As I was finally drifting off to sleep, a big storm started brewing which meant lots of thunder.
I jolted awake and couldn’t go back to sleep.
Around 3am our power went out. Kid number 1 comes in, scared of the thunder and lightening.
Several minutes later, kid number 2 joins kid number 1 on a makeshift bed on our floor.
Around 4am kid number 3 walks in with a flashlight, he is also shaken by the thunder and lightening and unable to go back to sleep.
By 4:30 I finally have him settled on our bedroom floor on another pile of blankets.
I am finally starting to drift off to sleep, when the dog gets up and I am woken by the clang of his tail on his crate…at almost 5am.
I finally fell asleep.

7:45 Brian jolts out of bed. He is late for work. I let him know that there are 3 kids scattered around on our floor sleeping. He quickly dresses for work while I try to capture a few minutes of sleep. It didn’t last long.

It might have been a grouchy kinda day for me.

After running a few errands we met up with Brian for lunch.


All seemed more calm and not so crazy again. Lunch was followed by coffee and other regular events of the day. Tonight, hopefully I will sleep…hopefully…

Updated: January 26, 2012 — 5:08 am
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