They just turned 1 on Wednesday.  Jack should not be doing this.  No, he can’t grow up.  Hmph.

I hadn’t planned on teaching the twins how to feed themselves yet.  Jack just reched over and grabbed the spoon.  I just kinda let him and this is what happened.  Honey, I am sorry.  I am trying to keep them from growing too quickly. 

I don’t think I will wean them any time soon.  I want to give them goats milk and at $7 a half gallon, I think we will still do a lot of breast milk.  That is perfectly fine with me. 

By the way…I can’t keep Ruby from self feeding.  I am going to let her try this weekend.  Ah man, I am gonna start crying… *sniff*

Updated: March 21, 2009 — 3:56 am

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  1. I remember when Kenniston started doing this on her own. She was probably about the same age. She just reached over, grabbed a spoon and started eating. We just looked at each other and said, “Huh… did you see that coming?”

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