Not me Monday

It has been a while since I have done a “Not Me Monday” so I figured I would try to get back into the swing of things by doing one. You can head over to MckMama’s blog and do one as well!
This week when I found my adorable 18 month old daughter sitting in the middle of a pile of tissues I certainly did not take out my camera instead of having her stop to help clean up the mess. And when my 5 year old told me that she needed to clean up the mess I did not tell him “yes I know, but I have to get a picture first.” That would be a bad example! *gasp*

Last night I DID take the kids to drive through Burger King, buy nuggets and juice to eat with their apples and then take them to the park for a picnic. I did NOT do this however in order to avoid a mess kitchen I spent most of the previous morning cleaning. No! That would be downright lazy!
When we went to that park I did not forget my camera, no not me, I have that thing attached to my neck permenantly so I can capture my kids every single move, why or how would I have forgotten it?

I did stay at home on Sunday from church because I thought my babies had a possibly contagious cold. I did NOT realize last night that the twins were NOT battling a cold, but rather in pain from teeth coming in and had classic symptoms that they have had the last two times they were teething. I mean what kind of mom would I be if I did not recognize those symptoms?

I did NOT put up my beautiful 3 year old’s hair 3 days in a row because I did not want to fight with her to brush it. And when I did wash & brush her hair I didn’t sit there and kick myself for waiting so long to brush it.

thanks for reading all (ok so a small portion) of my less than imperfect moments of the last week. I hope you got a good laugh. Go over to MckMama’s blog and tell her about your less than perfect life!
Updated: September 29, 2009 — 7:01 am
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