November 2015


Brian started his new job. His commute was almost 2 hours. One way. We could not wait to move so he could be closer!

We started packing our belongings to move once again, and hopefully for the last time in a very. long. time.

I took down all of the photos in our long hallway.  I especially loved this hallway as it allowed me to put a plethora of photos on display to enjoy daily.  I hope to find a spot in our next house for photos.


We wrapped up our first semester at our Classical Conversations community and enjoyed the festivities.  The kids in our community collectively traced over 730 maps of Africa over the 12 weeks. Because of this accomplishment they were given a party and the chance to throw a pie at their director. Ms. Missy is such a great sport and a fun director!


And then the kids had a “snow ball” fight with the 730 maps they traced.


At the church I helped plan our Thanksgiving dinner and continued preparations for the Christmas production and party.

We did have a few local places we wanted to go to one more time before leaving the area.  We started with one of our favorite taco joints.

Mission Taco is a hole in the wall trash taco place.  You can buy 7 tacos for $2.79 when you buy a large ice tea.  With that kind of price we could easily feed our family of 6 for $20.  Their selection of hot sauces is wide and their tea is sweet.


Another place we frequented was the hill we cleverly named “our hills.”   The real name is Flatrock Mountains, but whatever.  Several times a week we took a walk around the neighborhood.  Often times we’d go to the hills and take a little hike.  It was nice to look out and pretend we were secluded for a while.

Other times we’d go for a bike ride around the hills.


I did stop a time or two to hug on some kiddos and slow down.  This was such a crazy time of year and life for us, at times it felt like we were running towards a finish line of civilian life and settling, during others we were just trying to stay afloat.


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