October 2015 – The Time for Change

After much discussion and prayer, we decided that Brian should begin to put his resume out towards the end of his semester.  When he was asked by two different jobs for an interview, I knew right away that one specific job was the job.  It came as no surprise to me when he told me they wanted him to do a second interview.  The funny thing is, this job was a job in north Austin, the place we said we’d never move back to.  To our defense we knew we didn’t have to move into Austin, there were plenty of options in surrounding areas, lol.

After the second interview Brian was offered a position and he accepted it.  That weekend Nana offered to watch the kids, so we took the opportunity to house hunt.  We did not want to drag the kids from house to house.  We feared they would get their hopes up of moving into one of the houses, in addition to that we wanted to look around with a clear mind.  We have great kids, but it is really hard to think clearly with 4 kiddos chatting and sharing their thoughts.  After a slow morning I looked online at houses.  I found a great little community and wanted to learn more about it.

We found the community and while driving around found a house.  The house.  We walked around and peeked at the house.  I pretty much fell in love.  We made a phone call to the realtor and drove around the area snapping a few pictures. That afternoon we visited a nearby town and enjoyed the rest of our date weekend.

The following week we called our realtor who was able to look into the house we fell in love with.  We made an appointment to see the house later that week.  During our first visit we learned more about the 100 year old house and neighborhood.  Despite knowing how much we loved the house, we still waited a week before putting an offer on it!!  I still can’t believe they accepted the offer, but they did.  We were officially moving.

Brian had accepted a civilian job and we were officially moving, our period of transition was finally over.

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