Ode to My SINGLE french press coffee maker

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Dear pink mug that has brought me joy and sanity for 51 weeks and 4 days,

You have served me well. I have woken up, sometimes after a hard night of not much sleep, and simply ground some of those fragrant beans that came from the familiar white bag with orange and green accents. I then scooped 3, sometimes 4, scoops out of the grinding machine and placed them into your silver liner. I took a few steps over to the water cooler and poured just enough to reach that certain line on your liner. I placed the lid on top and waited, mostly patiently, for you to do your magic. Your friend, Mr 12 cups o’ joe, was probably jealous. He did not go unused though. He was used during those 4 day jaunts with Nana (sometimes a few times a day), then again in June when Grandma visited we turned him on, and there was the 2 weeks Brian was home. I know we fired up Mr. 12 cups then as well, once again, occasionally a few times a day.

Well pink mug, this was all to tell you that it has been nice knowing you, and you have been helpful, but you probably won’t be used much after next week. Hopefully after the begining of the week, but I am defintily not holding my breath. I am no dummy. I might not get much sleep, but this is not my first rodeo, it’s my third in fact. I know things are delayed, changed, bumped, whatever you want to call it. They don’t often (or ever) go as planned. I would love to put you away back into the pantry tomorrow. Heck, no offense, but I wish I never had to use you, but the reality is I did. And I am glad you were there for me.

The truth is a lot of really good things are about to happen. I will be making coffee for 2 once again. Who I am kidding, Brian will be making coffee for 2 again (he is the one who prepared it every night after all). Our bathroom will have 2 fancy dandy spin brushes in the toothbrush holder. Prayer time will no longer have to consist of “and please bless Daddy while he is in Afghanistan” though I think we will continue to pray for his safty and health. I will actually have to sleep on my side of the bed. The lamp that now remains on during the night will be turned off at night when I go to bed. Movie nights will rock instead of being a mere distraction from the day. Dinner can be made with just one or two assistants instead of 4 hungry children in need of adult time. That hand that has held onto mine for so many things (childbirth, strolls down the beach, scary movies just to name a few) will be there for me on Sunday morning once again.

So you see SINGLE pink french press coffee maker, this is a good thing. I will pull you out from time to time, after all, you do make a mean strong cup of coffee. Thank you for your help during the last 51 weeks and 4 days.

Updated: January 21, 2010 — 7:40 am
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