Oh Happy Day….

It’s been a while since I have updated our blog.  The last blog post read “Sad Day,” and now here we are 7 weeks later and the title is “Oh Happy Day…”  Funny enough, both stories are related.  

On Facebook I follow a few of the local animal shelters.  Even 7 weeks after we lost our Sunshine, I still held out hope that he would be magically found and returned to us.  Oddly, that is kind of how it happened.  

 One of the local shelter sites I follow, someone posted that they found a male orange Tabby in my neighborhood. After a few exchanges she sent me a photo of a cat that looked just like Sunshine. We went to her house, the cat responded quickly to us, we thought he was our Sunshine. The next day, Thursday I took down the now illegible “Missing Cat” posters that had been hanging on several mailboxes in our neighborhood for several weeks (the posters you see in the photos in the blog post below).  After a night with this cat, I was not 100% convinced that this was our cat.  Because the local shelter is a kill-shelter (meaning if his rightful owner didn’t speak up, he would be killed), I decided to hold onto him, but look for his owner.  I still wondered where our Sunshine was.
Friday, the next day, we were on our way to Austin when Brian texted me telling me that a lady had called our house 6 times about a flyer. Not knowing what flyer he was talking about, I pulled over and I called the person back. The lady who answered told me that she had our Sunshine!! In December she and her son were out walking by our house, saw the cat and noticed he was super friendly. She told me that she asked the kids around if he belonged to anyone (he had a collar on by the way). She said they told her no (not sure I’d buy that though, ALL of the kids in our neighborhood helped us look for Sunshine when he went missing, they all knew him). SO SHE TOOK HIM HOME AND KEPT HIM!! She said that her son got attached to Sunshine while he was home on Christmas break. Once he went back to school she said it was easier to return him.

It is my guess she grabbed a flyer a while back knowing the cat would be too much to deal with before too long. Also, Sunshine is at a point in his life where, let’s just say he is vocal about wanting a girlfriend. I think this vocal activity may have annoyed them, lol. In a weird way it was good that we hadn’t had him fixed just yet.

The whole thing was just weird. I am still kind of frustrated that they just took him, but I am also glad they gave him back.

What matters is that he is back with US, his rightful owners!  We made a few changes around here though.  He is now an inside only cat.  His first few days were kind of miserable.  He wanted outside, he didn’t just want outside, he WANTED OUTSIDE and he LET US KNOW. So we got him fixed.  It took a few days, but he finally quieted down.  

He is back to being our silly, full of personality, Sunshine.  He goes along with the kids carrying him around.  He loves to be with the kids and watch them as they do their thing.  He has to be in.the.same.room.  If he isn’t, he wants to sit outside their door or next to me.  He cracks me up.  He still likes to go outside, but while he sometimes escapes, we don’t let him just roam around outside.  After all, he is our Sunshine and we don’t want to lose him again.  

We all really missed our Sunshine. He was purring while I took this photo. #love this cat!!

Oh oh oh, the “Impostor” cat is now with a friend of ours.  I searched the “lost ads,” drove around the neighborhood looking for lost cat signs, etc, but I did not find anyone who was looking for the kitty.  Like I mentioned, our local shelter is a kill shelter, so I didn’t want him to go there.  I am thankful a friend of mine mentioned wanting an orange tabby (because they loved our Sunshine so much!) and it was perfect!  

Updated: January 20, 2013 — 6:49 am
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