Oh my, hungry again!

It is after 1am here in middleofnowhere NY and I am starving! I am so hungry that I got out of bed to eat a bowl of Life cereal (my cereal of choice now days ;-).
For those of you who are interested here is what I have eaten today:

breakfast: bowl of Kix cereal
lunch: egg drop soup with rice and I shared an apple with Vincent
snack: a cup or two of popcorn (kettle corn….yummmm), half a cookie – I was good I shared it with Vincent
dinner: a grilled chicken with tomato sauce & cheese sub-style sandwich, & a huge salad with avocado
night time snack: corn dog!!! (I baked it though, can’t do the fried thing) cantaloupe and now a bowl of cereal

After reading this I realize that I really need to go grocery shopping…we really don’t have enough fruit in our house. Between the three of us it is always dissapearing.

I laughed at a pregnancy update email that I received earlier this week. It said “you might notice your appetite increasing quite a bit more.” They couldn’t be more precise!

Updated: December 2, 2005 — 1:13 am
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