one more attempt

when the bluebonnets were in full bloom, they were beautiful. They filled the Texas hill country with vibrant blues that I remember from my life in this sun filled area. Thanks to the sun, however, lighting is rarely great for photos. It is harsh and shows too many shadows. I waited for a cloudy day or a cloudy morning, or night, or ANYTHING just to get the coveted photos of my children frolicking merrily in a field of bluebonnets. I finally gave up and went out with a friend one sunny afternoon. The photos were precious simply because they are my children. I don’t care that there are shadows or imperfections, I love the smiles and memories. I did, however try again today. Some friends asked me to photograph them in the infamous blue Texas flowers, however being the pastor of a church and homeschoolers they are quite busy. Today was the photo shoot day, but thanks to lack of rain our fields of blue are quickly fading. I got a few photos of our friends and attempted a few of our own kids. I love the smiles and the better lighting, however, the bluebonnets are lackluster at best. Oh well…


Updated: April 20, 2011 — 4:59 am
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