One week down..

fifty one to go.

 We made it passed the one week mark.  Aside from both babies getting sick, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  I posted earlier that I would list ways for people to help.  I have a problem with that, letting people help, but I have been told that it is a blessing for people to help and if I denyed them of that blessing than it would be wrong.  Ok, I get it already.  I will let down my control freakishness and let people help already. 

  I did today in fact.  I called Mandy and asked if I could borrow (pay) her daughter to come watch my older kids while I took Jack to get x-rayed.  Just a quick catcher-upper on that…both twins have been sick, Jack needed an x-ray yesterday, but we couldn’t do it so I had to take him back today.  Madigan, the clinic that my kids are seen in, does not allow anyone aside from the parent and patient in the room.  So, I called Mandy and asked if Nina could babysit.  When I asked this I had in my mind Nina coming up to Madigan with us and sitting in the waiting room with the other three kiddos while I took Jack in.  Mandy, on the other hand just couldn’t have that.  Nope.  She had to come to my house with her two big kids and not only watch my kids, she also did my dishes and laundry.  *gasp*  She always has to sneak in some way of helping me out even more, she is awesome like that!  So, ya see, I am getting better at accepting help like that. 

But, that doesn’t really answer your question on how you can help.  Ok, fine, I will answer that too…

1. Pray.  My biggest prayer is for safety for Brian.  The more I know he is prayed for, the better I feel. 

2. Email or even snail mail Brian.  I know some of you have mentioned wanting to send him a package.  I think that is AWESOME!  I have plans to monthly send him a medium sized package and a small package, but to know that someone else is sending him something takes a huge stress off of my mind.  It sounds silly, but making sure he is taken care of while over there is a big convern of mine.  I have 5 people total to care for over here, but I don’t have the worries of living on a place that is targeted by the enemy regularly with out any comforts of home readily avaliable.  I know I would feel lonely quickly.  If you are interested in sending him a package, please let me know. When I get his addy I will let you know.  It would be great if I could coordinate his packages from y’all so he doesn’t get all of them in the same month.

3. Email or call me occasionally (or leave a comment) to make sure I am getting out of my house.  This might sound silly, but oh my goodness it makes a huge difference.  If I make excuses, please give me that push to just leave my house.  I probably need it.  Something so small like a trip to Starbucks where I can have a cup of coffee while the kids dance around reminds me that there is a whole world outside my house!

4. If you really want to actually do something for me in a physical sense, well, my laundry pile might be calling.  With 4 young kids, I go through a lot of laundry.  A lot.  Did I mention one is potty training?  Somedays she has NO accidents (no really she does have these days) and others she has 4 (like today).  That is 5 pair of panties and pants (4 accidents plus the ones that stayed dry) and sometimes more than just one shirt just from her alone!  Not to mention Jack likes spitting up.  And playing with his food.  So does Ruby.  I hate laundry.  I don’t have such a hard keeping up with the daily washing, but once I get behind in folding or hanging up, I really get behind.  If nobody ever offers to do my laundry, I won’t be offended.  Honestly I won’t. 

So there ya have it.  Ways you, dear blog reader, can help us out.  It took me a while, but I gave in and answered.  Tomorrow the kids and I are staying home.  I am greedy and don’t want to share the babies germs with anyone else.  So, instead, we are going to work on making a paper chain to count down the weeks until Brian comes home.  On each chain link that we take down will be a prayer to pray over Brian.  I will, obivously, take plenty of pictures.  Until then, good night.

Updated: February 1, 2009 — 7:22 am
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