Ordinary Day, Real Life time

Over at Farm Fresh today is Real Life, an Ordinary Day.  Play along if you like.

This week’s theme is a photo tour of an ordinary day in your life.

Some caveats: You must include at least one picture of yourself in action.
You must include at least one picture of someone close to you, also in action.
You must include one picture in your kitchen.

Here we go:

(by the way I am starting when I actually get out of bed and “start” my day, I won’t include my all night baby nursings)

8:00 or so nurse a baby, then another
Go to the living room to find the big kids eating (thank God for Brian being here to help out!).  Start my coffee and breakfast.  

I like my coffee cold, very cold.  I finally found some use for the big box of Otter Pops that I bought 2 1/2 years ago when we moved in.  We have 2/3 of it left.  I set aside 8 or 10 to cool off my coffee every morning (please don’t tell me you actually thought I put the HFCS in my drink…ewwww).  I do, however, add a pump of chocolate syrup, a dash of creamer and a dash of milk.  Then sometimes I even top it with some whip cream.  Yuuummmm.

I get the kids dressed and ready for the day.  I then brush Kenniston’s hair and pray she actually lets me with out much fuss.  After EVERYONE is ready I finally rush around and try to find something to wear, run a brush through my hair and grab a necklace or bracelet to throw on.   

Around 9:00 or so leave for our daily activity.  Today we went to Joanns to exchange Ruby’s halloween costume, a 0-6 month sized apple bunting and got orange fleece to make a carrot costume. 


Since the kids were very well behaved today (no really, they were) we walked over to Toys R Us afterwards to “play on the trains and push buttons on toys.”

Yes, that is 2 1/2 year old Kenniston in my Moby Wrap.  Even with 4 kids I am still a paranoid mommy in parking lots.  The twins were in the Valco double stroller, Vincent sat on the front and Kenniston in the wrap.  We were a site for onlookers.

Once back in the van the kids ate lunch, and so did the babies.  They napped on the way back.

When we got back home (around 1pm or so), more diaper changes and play time for the babies and Vincent.

Kenniston, however, had a nap.  Well, I tried to get her down for a nap.  I ended up taking her two favorite toy bins and her favorite chair out of her bedroom.  After I talked to her for a while (and sang and rubbed her back) she did fall asleep…the time was 3pm.

Time for Vincent’s “school” work.  Today we worked on handwriting.

Daddy got home early (4pm) and played with Vincent.  Vincent and Daddy played his new Toy Story computer game (Clickster).  Daddy typed out words and Vincent spelled them out.  He loved it.  They played until 5pm.

Shortly after the computer games I started dinner.  Nothing special…Daddy had Bible study tonight so it was just the kiddos and I.  I made Mac n Cheese (I added corn) and green beans.  The pumpkin is for making pumpkin butter tomorrow…yuuummmm.

Jack Jack was red hot angry by 6pm.  His dinner was just about ready….

Dinner on the table and kiddos serving themselves. 

Babies got a bath at 7pm.  The big kids had a bath just before then, but made a few too many bad choices so they went straight to bed. 

After the kids were all in bed Brian and I cleaned the kitchen, picked up the floor, cleaned up the dining room table, ran a few loads of laundry, picked up the living room and bathroom etc. 

At the end of the night our couch looks like this.  I like to lay the clothes out for the next day.  Sometimes if we have to leave early for the next day I also get sippy cups ready, lay out breakfast and all that good stuff. 

Now all is done we are sitting down in our clean living room watching Greys Anatomy.  There ya have it.  Our daily life in a nutshell.  It isn’t all that bad is it?

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