Our BIG vacation, Part 2

After leaving Yellowstone we headed back south. Even though we had left Yellowstone National Park, the scenery was still beautiful!  We were technically in Shosone National Park at this point.



We wanted to stop and take it in, there was just too much beauty every where!!  We had to keep going though, we still had more we wanted to do on the way back south.

Our next stop in WY was Wild Buffalo Bill’s museum.


We could have spent two days exploring the wild frontier day’s museum.


After a night in WY we headed down to CO.  Brian and I had visited Manitu Springs in the past during our many trips through CO.  We loved the old boardwalk atmosphere of the area.  The arcade penny arcade games were always wholesome and fun and we couldn’t wait to take the kids.  During the beginning stages of planning our trip we told the kids about the arcade.  We also told them that every time we caught them doing something nice for someone else we would put a coin in a jar.  This jar of coins would be used at the penny arcade.  They had a very full jar to spend!  And spend they did…





After all of that work we needed to refuel at Patsy’s, a local treat stop that has been around for many years.



After a good rest in a nearby hotel, we headed towards the Springs.

The kids did not know that we were meeting their cousins at the Adventure in Odyssey building!!

Photo: Focus on the Family, one of the best parts of our trip!


They were so excited to record their very own Adventure in Odyssey show!!!  They all did so great!

Photo: Vincent did a great job also! He sounded believable.


Photo: We had the chance to record an Adventures in Odyssey CD! Kenniston fit her character (a boisterous girl, lol).


Photo: Brian and the twins made great foley!


Unfortunately the smoke from the nearby fires made the visibility very low in the mountains.  We opted to hike around Garden of the God’s instead of venturing to Pike’s Peak.




I really don’t think the kids were too upset.



During our drive home we stopped in New Mexico.  Year after year we have made the drive to Montana, but we have never stopped in NM to do anything.  We have passed the turn off for Capulin Volcano Monument many times, and we have been curious about it, but we have never stopped.  Until this trip.


The kids earned ANOTHER badge!


After the short trip, we headed into Texas for our last stop on our way home, Palo Duro Canyon.


Our first hike in the canyon started out a little plain…



so we headed out to find a new trail.  This one was a cave on the side of the road.

Photo: Here is another pic of the cave we climbed to. It was a fun spontaneous hike!


It was quite the hike, but the view was spectacular!



On our last night of vacation we ate out at The Big Texan.  Brian has always wanted to dine there, but given the price, we have always passed.  Not this time.


I have to admit, the place was pretty stinken cool!  And the kids loved it!  Their meals came with a cowboy hat.


It was more than just a restuarant, there was a massive store, a shooting gallery, and outdoor play area.  It was a lot of fun.


Photo: Shoot 'em up cowboy!


The drive home on a vacation is always the hardest, but it has to be done.

We arrived home and were greeted by our cat, Sunshine, who missed us dearly.



I have to admit, it was good to sleep in our own bed.

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