Our day at Madigan Army Medical Center

When one generally hears Madigan Army Medical Center, they usually tense up and create a look of disgust.  Fortunately my OB care was amazing and the birth, fantastic, so that part of MAMC I enjoyed.  Typical doctor’s visits for the children, Emergancy care etc tends to drive me mad.  Today’s visit was no exception.

First I will start with Jack’s appointment.  This went well.  I had an appointment with Dr. B.  Kenniston was fortunate enough to see her many times during her well baby appointments.  Dr. B is more on the natural side, I really like her.  She took a great deal of time to work with Jack and she does not believe that he has torticollis!!  She did notice that he favors the right side, however, he has great range of motion and willingly looks to both sides.  She did see how mis-shapen his head is, but she wants us to try physical therapy for now and then re-evaluate at 4 months.  I am SO glad she was so willling to send Jack to PT!  The other doctor didn’t even suggest it.  Dr. B seems to think that Jack’s head will be much better by then.  Please pray that she is right.

During this appointment I decided to go ahead and get both babies immunized with just the DTaP shot.  So far this one and another one are the only two Brian and I think are necessary.  After the shot (and a dose of Tylonal) both babies were out.

After Jack’s appointment we headed over to Ruby’s appointment.  Because Ruby was breech (as with any breech baby girl) there is concern for imporper hip growth, so around 8 weeks every breech baby girl is supposed to be evaluated via ultra sound for any hig issues.  Seeing how Jack had an appointment just before Ruby and Jack is a newborn breastfed twin I took him along (makes sense, doesn’t it). 

When I arrived to the appointment (very early BTW), I was told I could NOT take Jack with me.  When I asked why I couldn’t take him I was told it “is their policy.”  I was a little baffled as to how my sleeping 9 week old baby could some how disturb something during this appointment.  Finally nurse told me if something were to happen to him during this appointment  I could sue (this isn’t true, you can not sue the government).  Curious, I asked what could happen.  Now, what I am about to tell you is absolutely rediculous, so rediculous I couldn’t even make it up.  I wish I had a video camera… Anyway, the nurse answers “if there were an earthquake and your son got hurt, you could sue.”  SERIOUSLY!  So they were telling me that I couldn’t be seen today because this imaginary earthquake might cause me to sue them. um ok.  The receptionist tries to tell me that I need to have my husband come up to watch Jack.  I tell her that my husband couldn’t even watch our older children, that we had to get a babysitter to do that.  The receptionist tries to tell me that the Army is family friendly and they are supposed to let him off for stuff like this.  The Army, in fact, is so “family friendly” that they didn’t even allow my husband to be there for the birth of our first child.  Yeah, ok. 

So I had to walk away from the appointment.  I was upset to say the least.  My cell phone was dead (so dead in fact I had to buy a new one, grr), so I couldn’t call anyone from it.  I did have 3 people’s phone numbers memorized that I could call.  The first one (Mandy) lives in Tacoma and would take at least 30 minutes to get to me.  The second person lived just down the road (Amy), however, she was out of town.  The third person (Becky) I thought would be a stretch.  She lives just down the road as well, but like us, has 4 kids (2 of which are twins) so it isn’t always easy to jump up and help, but I called anyway.  As soon as Howard (Becky’s husband) answered, I started crying.  It was a mix of left over pregnancy hormones, overtiredness (2 hours of sleep isn’t enough), stress etc.  Howard was very kind and told me not to worry, someone would be there to help me out.  So, I waited in front of the Pharmacy and Howard arrived within minutes.  He watched our sleeping son for the 15 minute appointment.  Yes, 15 minute appointment.  It was ridiculous.  The good news is, though, that Ruby’s hips have formed completely normal! 

So that was our stressful day at Madigan.  Oh, I forgot to mention, Jack now weighs a whooping 12 pounds!!!  Twelve pounds, can you believe it? 

Updated: June 1, 2008 — 7:32 am
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