Our Day so Far

Brian had to return to work today, but only for a few hours.  I am trying to get back into the so called “normal” swing of things, even though this is still going to be an odd week.  Here is our day so far in pictures (and some words)

We made cranberry and popcorn garland in our attempt to think of others (especially during the holidays).  I have been talking about how God created nautre and we should help nature out.  Today we helped nature out by making the birds a snack.  We are waiting for Daddy to get home to put the snack out, I don’t want to take out all 4 kids by myself.  I can do it, but don’t really want to today…after all, the twins won’t quite get the message of unselfishness and being kind to nature.  We will save that message for next year….

Speaking of messags…Vincent was pretending to be the angel Gabrielle to bring me (Mary) the news that I was pregnant with Jesus.  As I pretended to be surprised by said news he told me “don’t be afraid Mary, God is with you and he will take care of you!”  It melts my heart to see my kiddos get the meaning of Christmas!!!  I love it!

Updated: December 22, 2008 — 8:01 pm


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  1. I LOVE the look on Ruby’s face. It’s hillarious and has way too many possibilities for captions! LOL

  2. Ohhh a caption game would be oh so much fun. Let me see what kind of photos I can dig up….great idea.

  3. My entry for the first pic is …
    Jack: Uh no mom I’m definitely NOT eating the crafts.

    Ruby: Um, Mom I’m trying to work here. Could you put the camera down…better yet could I get some help here? Jack is eating all of my supplies!

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