Our Disney World trip…more so the person who simplified our trip

I haven’t yet completely blogged about our trip to Disney World.  Perhaps I am still reliving the amazing trip we had, or maybe I miss it too much.  Either way, it will get done, but not today.

Today I am going to tell you about Kellie Gray from Mousehunter Travels.   First of all, before I begin, even though I have known Kellie for 11 years, I am in no way being compensated for this blog post.  This is my honest review of her amazing services.


When we knew our trip would include a visit to Disney World in Orlando Florida, I contacted Kellie. Kellie has visited Disney parks several times over the last 12 years.  She has a vast knowledge of the parks and is willing to share tips and tricks about visiting. I knew she was going to be a huge help in planning our trip!  She and I spoke via email and on the phone off and on for a few weeks.  She wanted to find the best deal for our family and was willing to do the research in order to do so.  Because of her research we found we were able to afford to stay at the park for 9 days!

We did stay on the Disney property during our entire stay.  We stayed in our trailer at the Fort Wilderness campground for 5 nights.


(waiting for Brian to complete our check-in, this was just after we told the kids we were going to Disney World)


(The guests at Fort Wilderness Campground really go all out with Christmas decor. This neighbor of ours had lights outside of their camper)


(these guests stay at Disney for weeks on end!!)


We stayed in the Fort Wilderness cabins for 4 nights.




(inside panorama shot)

0198 0194

(the twins enjoying breakfast on our last morning in the cabins) 


Knowing that we would have our travel trailer with us while we stayed in the cabins, Kellie took the time to call and speak with a cast member about where we would park our travel trailer during our stay.


Kellie also helped in planning our time spent at the park. Disney has a great Fastpass system.  If you are a guest of one of their resorts, you can make Fastpass reservations 60 days before your arrival.  Around 65 or so days before we were to arrive she sent me an email reminding me that our window was approaching.  Let’s be honest here, I am a type A planner, I had a few reminders on my iPhone.  However, not everyone is as crazy obsessed organized as that, so I know such reminders can be really helpful. 


As our trip approached Kellie kept in contact, making sure she was there to answer any questions we had.  She quickly answered my questions.  Y’all, I had a lot.  Some were dumb.  Some were not.  She answered all of them.


If you are looking at booking a trip to a Disney park in the future I highly recommend contacting Kellie Gray from Mousehunter Travels, she will be there to help make your trip as easy and relaxing as possible!



*update* I knew something was off when I wrote this last night…it was almost midnight when I wrote it.  Anyway, I changed the Fastpass information, it is now correct!  Sorry about the confusion.  

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