Our Family Christmas

This has taken me a while to write.  It was great to have Brian home close to the holidays.  I loved having him here to enjoy all of the fun activities that we get to do around this time of the year.

We decided to celebrate Christmas while he was home.  It was 3 weeks before Christmas and it was pretty warm on that day, so it was kind of odd.  We made the most of it though and we all enjoyed it .

Brian and I enjoyed waking up and making cinamon waffles before everyone woke up.  We enjoyed playing bells while loudly singing down the kids’ hall “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, today is family Christmas.”  We also enjoyed watching them wake up, rather confused, then seeing them realize what was going on.

The kiddos ready for McGovernville Christmas this morning!

We enjoyed opening just a few gifts.  We enjoyed playing together as a family.  Kenniston enjoyed crafting (this sign was for her name…she chose to make this instead…sigh)

This was supposed to be a name plate for her bed...she decided it should say this instead.

  We enjoyed decorating the hot cocoa mugs that each kid got as a gift that day.

Decorating her new hot cocoa mug.

Vincent's name on his mug.

Jack concentrates like his mama. #tonguestickinout

I added a little touch to Ruby's mug. She's my little birdie.

We enjoyed watching the Polar Express while drinking hot cocoa out of said mugs.

#hotchocolate while watching the #polarexpress

Then after a yummy Christmas dinner we all enjoyed making s’mores around a warm fire in our backyard fire pit.

We decided to have s'mores for dessert tonight. Good times by the fire.

Then I enjoyed watching the kiddos perform for us.  It was all Kenniston’s idea.  She jumped up on the patio and announced, “now it is time for the comedy and music show.”  She proceeded to tell us jokes and make us laugh.  Afterwards we all sang Christmas carols.  It was an awesome way to end our evening.  

#myview Kenniston leading the entertainment - singing, comedy sketches, plays. She is a performer.

Updated: December 6, 2012 — 5:41 am
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