Our Nature Lovin’ Big Boy

  Today after PWOC I (attempted) to put the younger 3 down for a nap, while Vincent spent some time outside enjoying the sunshine.  After a while I was able to join him and I am glad I did.  Vincent scoured the yard for nature goodies and found some Maple Tree seeds.  He recognized them after we studied different types of seeds months ago!  They have a very distinct look, almost a very flat heart look.  They have this shape so they can twirl through the air to a soft landing in hopes of burrowing down and sprouting roots.  Today Vincent found some seeds that have started these roots.  He was so excited!  
  Upon finding the first sprouted seed he jumped up and said “I need to find some dirt to put this in so it can grow!”  Away he went.  After a while I found several seeds sticking out of the mole holes in our backyard.  It wasn’t long before Vincent asked if he could keep a few.  I suggested we put some in water to watch them grown.  He was thrilled with that idea.  Currently on our counter sits about a half dozen of these Maple Tree seeds.  Tomorrow we will start these seeds.  We would have today, but babies woke up and the sand box called the big kids away…Tomorrow, there is always tomorrow!

Here are a few pics or our Nature Lovin’ Big Boy:

Updated: February 19, 2009 — 7:27 am
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