It’s all I can say right now. We love our new house. Perhaps that is an understatement. We.love.our.new.house. Stairs are a bit um hard on the thighs, but in a good way, right ;-). We had a lot of really good friends to help us move in. I wish I had remembered to take out my camera before the last night we had moved.



There was so little room in our house that night, that Susan’s kiddos had to sit on a blanket on the kitchen floor to eat. Oye!


Thankfully, however, most of those boxes and these….


are gone!

Thanks to my friend, Robyn, who came over and helped me unpack one evening while Brian took the kids to AWANA. We got a lot unpacked and had some giggles. So much so that we were laughing over ridiuclous things like this {don’t ask}


Things are coming along smoothly. The kitchen is put together and we even have curtains up in the dining room {thanks to Brian’s handy work!}


Yes, Brian is standing on a bench. We um kinda don’t know where our step ladder is right now.

Oh, but we do know where our GORGEOUS new table is! Because our good friends Aaron and Mandy (who put the table together as we finished moving our goods on Sunday) we finally have a place for our whole family to sit *very* comfortably! Gorgeous I tell ya!


All is good. We know (and have known for years) that God has it all under control, but let me tell ya, it is good when you have those confirmations that you are making the right choice. On Sunday morning at breakfast I saw something flying around. At first I thought it was a bee, but when it landed, I saw this. {please don’t mind the dirty floor, we just moved, remember}


If you know us at all you know our thing with ladybugs. So needless to say, this was a neat thing for us to find.

Updated: March 12, 2010 — 6:08 am
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