Pictures in Sibling shirts

I finally got pictures of the kiddos in their sibling shirts that Nana searched hi and low for (specifically Kenniston’s).  They did not come out like I planned they were all taken within an hour of each other, in the same exact location, from the exact same distance…however the lighting changed vastly.  I don’t get it, but I am too tired to worry about it right now.  I need to reread my Understanding Exposure book, until these will have to do.

Also, here is an art project the kids and I made.  Counting down the days is too hard, so we made a paper chain to count down the weeks.  Vincent and Kenniston helped me cut out 52 chains.  After Kenniston went to bed early (she isn’t feeling well) Vincent helped me glue the chains together.  He loved counting them.  On the inside I am going to put down a Bible verse and something to pray over for Brian.  Each time we count down a week we are going to pray over that verse and area of Brian during that week.

Here is what a chain of 52 links looks like in our house…pretty cool in a weird way.

Updated: February 2, 2009 — 7:08 am
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