Pinewood Derby Time

Well, it’s that time folks. Time for blocks of wood to be transformed into a fast machine of beauty that will hopefully find itself in winners row. I am talking about Pinewood Derby.




Vincent’s pack held their derby this weekend. They always do a fabulous job with this event. They have adorable snacks that follow the car theme. They have derby driver’s licenses that each child receives. They even played the movie “Cars” so the kiddos could watch while they wait. It is a great event.

Vincent loved the snacks.

He also enjoyed watching his den’s “heat.”


He made a cool looking blue car that was aerodynamic, but he did not make it to the final round.

Meanwhile, the girls enjoyed photographing the event. At one point I found Kenniston near the finish line photographing the cars as they ended their race. Thankfully a very patient friend was there to help her.

Ruby hung out by me to photograph the kiddos watching on stage.

I have about a hundred or so photos to retrieve from that camera’s memory card.


Jack and Kenniston both entered a car in the sibling race. Jack received 2nd place out of those races!


He was pretty excited about his medal!

Brian, being the Assistant Cub Master, was the announcer at the races. He had a great time getting the kiddos excited for the races. By the end of the day, he was a bit tired….but still as handsome as ever.


Updated: February 3, 2014 — 12:45 pm
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