There is so much going on right now.  I can’t even begin (so in other words, if this blog posts is a random rabbit trail, please excuse me).

First things first, as of today, Brian has finished his last duty day in the Army.  He still has 2 months of leave (paid vacation), so technically he is still in.  He just doesn’t have to work for the next two months.  He is out of the Army.  Out.  Civilian life here we come.

Oh wait, that means as of the end of December my husband doesn’t have a job.

Yet I am ok with it.  We have health insurance until the middle of next year.  We are doing ok.  God will provide.  He always does.


Here is where I will ramble…just warning you now.  Tonight we had a Baptism, BBQ and Bon Voyage celebration.  Our youngest son, Jack, was baptized (that is another -awesome – post for another day).  We decided to be good baptist and go ahead and throw in a BBQ afterwards to have “fellowship” and say our good byes to our friends.

It didn’t feel like goodbye though.  It felt odd.  In my mind I kept thinking we are going to go on this crazy trip, come back, and then Brian will return to the Army job he has been at for the last 12 years.  Except that isn’t going to happen.  We have NO idea where we will go when we come back.  We’d like to go to the west coast, but we are also cautious because of the weather during that time of the year (January).  We are also trying to be financially cautious.  We will likely be ok to go to the west coast, but we still want to be careful, remember that whole jobless thing.  Yeah, that.

So right now we are about to travel all over the east coast, come back to somewhere and do something.

It doesn’t feel like we are going to be away from our friends.  It doesn’t feel like we will be away from our church.  It doesn’t feel like we will be separated from the life we have established over the last 4.5 years.  It kind of doesn’t feel like anything just yet.  Perhaps this is because we really aren’t sure to what degree we will depart from this current life we have established.  It all seems so uncertain.  The only thing I know for certain, is Brian is out of the Army.  And I am ok with that.

So as I sat there chatting with my friends, who all looked at me slightly teary eyed, it felt like any other time we hung out and laughed.  The goofy jokes were the same and the kids giggled and got a little rambunctious just the same.  Nothing seemed different…just yet.

Check back on me in January and I may tell you a different story.

Updated: October 24, 2014 — 10:17 pm

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