Pumpkin Patch

I am so excited that we got to go back to the Sweet Berry Farm Pumpkin Patch this year! A fellow homeschooler friend of mine made arrangements for a group of homeschool kids to get a “school” tour! The kids got to play games, paint a pumpkin, shuck corn & remove the kernels – the old fashioned way, ride on a hayride and go through the corn maze. We all had a blast!




We love Sweet Berry Farm and we have been there a few times. Last year we went with Nana to the pumpkin patch and the year before that when we came to Texas to visit, we visited Sweet Berry Farm during strawberry picking time.

During our current trip, we happened to come during strawberry planting. We watched as a tractor carrying seats drove up and down the rows. 4 farmers planted strawberry starters all along the rows.


A farmer approached the girls and told them that if they sang it would help the strawberries grow faster. My kids never turn down an open invitation to sing.

So sing they did.


I told the kids that we would come back in the spring and pick the strawberries on that row. We think those strawberries will taste best 😉

After a day of fun, then a break for lunch the kids got to run around with their friends and climb on the natural playscape (aka large tree trunks and rocks).


After all of that fun the kids were tired. Jack and Ruby slept all the way home while Kenniston and Vincent rested.

Updated: October 16, 2011 — 4:52 am
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