Quickest ER trip ever!

So after long thought and consideration, I took Jack to the ER tonight.  I could tell that he was losing weight and just not himself so I knew I needed to take him in for my peice of mind. 
My options were either get up early tomorrow morning (7am) and call in hopes of getting a doctor’s appointment tomorrow sometime.  Then, haul all 4 of my darling, well behaved children up to the doctor’s office and have him checked out.  Or, I could go on to plan B.  I could wait until Ruby was nursed for the evening and take Jack up to the ER while Brian was home with the other kiddos.  We chose plan B and I am so glad we did. 
Jack puked 4 times within an hour.  After that he started to fall asleep on Brian’s shoulder, just in time for me to buckle him in and take off.  That was just after 7pm.  We got checked in at MAMC around 7:30.  We waited quite some to have Jack weighed and measured, then minutes later he was seen by a nurse for his medical background info.  We then waited just minutes to be seen by a doctor!  I was floored when I didn’t even have to pull out one of my 6 magazines to read.  I didn’t have to use any of the 6 emergancy outfits for Jack (I brought them incase he puked). 
So, it turns out he isn’t dehydrated (YEAY!  Praise God!!) and he does indeed just have a virus.  I figured both to be true, but when I realized today that Jack was losing weight I got a little worried.  It also troubled me when I realized that he seemed to be getting worse this weekend. 
The doctor reminded me that infant stomach bugs could last for up to 2 weeks.  As usual, she said that if he didn’t get better in 3-5 days we should return.  Oh man do I hope he is better by Thanksgiving.  I have looked forward to enjoyed a good relaxing day with our little family, but I didn’t invision that being our little puky family.  I guess I forgot I have 4 kids….oh well. 
Thanks for your prayers, we really appreciate them. 
Oh, I forgot to mention what a flirt Jack was with the nurses.  He would sit there and make noises until they noticed him.  Once they talked to him and eventually looked away he would try to make noise again to get their attention.  When they didn’t he would kind of yell/fuss until they looked again.  He would then act shy and put his head on my shoulder.  It was so funny.  I have a little social bug on my hands!
Updated: November 24, 2008 — 6:33 am
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