Random happenings.

It’s been a while since I posted a fly on the wall type post. Guess it’s about time.

First of all Kenniston has been quite the fashionista. Nana has sent each of the girls 2 pair of pjs that have matching tutus. Lately she has taken her time every evening to make sure that she can match a tutu with her pjs. When she choses clothes in the morning, she always tells me that she has to match her clothes. She also likes to pick out hair pretties to match her clothes. It has been interesting to watch her grow into this little fashionista!

Kenniston also talks a lot about what she wants to do when she grows up. Today she told me (as she had before) that she wants to have 4 kids and she wants 2 of them to be twins. Their names, Jack and Ruby. She often will tell me that when she gets married she wants to go to DisneyWorld for her honeymoon, and then again for her anniversary and her twins birthday.
She also has some pretend friends, they are her “space friends.” A few nights ago they had a birthday and she had to celebrate said birthday at night. After she went to bed.

Jack and Ruby have been working on getting along. Jack is so loving towards his sister and constantly thinks of her. When he sees her cup he brings it to her in the cutest little voice “here Uby, cup.” He and Vincent have been playing more and more together and I love it.
Ruby has been the little mommy lately. She rocks her baby dolls and sets her “Sleeping Cutie” doll down only to cover her in blankets. She is turning into Miss Independent. Her favorite thing to say is “I want I can do it.” She does too. She can buckle her carseat straps and pretty much any straps she sees.

In April I noticed Jack started to say “Meke Mommy” for “excuse me Mommy” when he wanted my attention.

In Janurary I jotted this down: today while the kids were taking vitamins Kenniston said “Mommy when I become an adult I want to get vitamins like you take and I can buy my kids vitamins from Trader Joes because I am going to become a mommy when I have a baby in my belly and I go to the doctor’s office and then they will pop out of my belly and I can give them vitamins.”

And this as well: Ruby can idenetify Jack’s name and her name. She saw his name on paper and said “J” “K” Jack!

In December I made this note: When I came out of the twins room I heard Ruby came out and meant to surprise her by giving out a little (silly) scream. She came up to me and hugged me and said “sorry Mommy. I scare you Mommy” so darn sweet!

I also jotted this down in December: Vincent “Hey wife, I want to have two babies named jack and jill. and I want to have a house by a hill and I want to tell them to fetch a pail of water. And if jack falls downa nd breaks his crown jill will come tumbling after. Just like when I was 5 years old I read a nursery rhyme about it. and up they got with a trot.”

Oye, I didn’t realize how far back I had forgotten to post about…
August 2009: Kenniston:
Russains speak “Rush”

Kenniston wanting to be a big helper. She likes to feed the babies, change their diapers, etc

jack going down the water slide
vincent figuring out the TH in Thomas and the fact it doesn’t say the phonetic Th sound
Kenniston and the lady in the leaves
Ruby avoiding kisses

I am glad I revisited these memories from over the last few months. I often forget to blog about these experiences so it is nice to come back and see them again.

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