Roller Coaster of Emotions this Week

This week has been awful. If you didn’t know already, Brian’s dad is currently in a nursing home receiving hospice care. We have known for a while that he is near the end of his journey, but last week we *had a feeling* it was much closer than what we have been told so far. I packed a suitcase for the kids and made notes on what to pack for Brian and I. Tonight we bought Brian a blazer to wear when we make this trip to Montana. This has been the most emotional week in this journey so far. Our almost daily phone calls to Montana over the past week or so have been tear filled updates. This is an area that the entire family could definitely use prayer in.

And if that wasn’t enough to constantly tug on our hearts, Brian was told through a rumor mill that the unit he is standing up (starting) would probably be moved to Fort Bliss. Located in El Paso Texas, 9 hours from my hometown. Not at all my idea of a good location change. Needless to say I spent the most of that day in tears. And the next day, when thankfully, we discovered that we will be staying at Fort Hood once we get there.

Before hearing about this possible change in plans we had picked out our new house. A house that is being built and is perfect for our family. It is a 4 bedroom house with a den, which will be made a school room. It is in the middle of 2 of the major towns at Fort Hood, nearby parks and rec areas, close to the YMCA and only 1.5 hours away from family and loved ones. We have been chatting back and forth with our real estate agent there in Killeen and have made plenty use of email as well.

Aside from that I have been doing our “normal” routine. Dishes. Cooking. Laundry. Schooling. Cleaning. Running the kids around to the splash pad and swimming pool.

Oh yeah, did I mention the big kids have been going to Vacation Bible School. The kids have been loving it, but are very tired. They aren’t used to getting up at 7am, then running around non-stop for 4 hours, eating lunch, playing then going outside to run around again. This was their week, all week long!

By the end of this week Vincent was kind of a mess. He pushed us again and again. By the end of tonight I was in tears. It was just too much for me. We talked. We all apologized. All was well. I left the bedroom to come downstairs. Several minutes later Vincent came downstairs. He told us that he just wanted to be with me and hug me again. He told me that he didn’t like when I was upset with him and he apologized again. It broke my heart all over again. Sometimes when he blatantly disobeys us I wonder what he thinks. It is such a stab in my heart & it hurts. On especially hard days, like today, I try to make it a point to talk to him about it and work it out. I especially make it a point to apologize if I got too upset or was harsh. It is really important to Brian and I that we all do that. Today when he came downstairs to me it showed us that he had thought about what we talked about. He understood it and had genuine remorse for his behavior.

So there ya have it folks. All of the ups and downs here in McGovernville. We are really hoping and praying that tomorrow leaves us with an up-note. Tomorrow morning Nana and Papa Scott are going to meet with our real estate agent in Texas. We are going to meet with them also, via Skype. How cool is that? We get to do a video chat with them as they tour the homes!! {sigh} here is praying that this week is better than the last one.

Vincent and his new buddy, Gabriel, whom he met at VBS.


Kenniston and her favorite teacher, Gabby.


The kiddos and their loot from the week. They got a ton of goodies from VBS!


I caught a glimpse of Vincent deep in prayer today. He prays on his own now and tells us about it sometimes. I love that he is learning to pray to God as he feels necessary!

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