Saturday Night mind dump

So as I have mentioned before, this week has been an interesting one.  I have so much to share, but not much brain power left so I will just dump it all out on ya and you can go from there….

so the sickies breakdown is such:
Jack, puked everyday since Monday
Kenniston puked Tuesday night, very low keyed until Friday…we couldn’t stop her from there she was play play play all day
Ruby, runny diapers Thursday and Friday
Vincent, run down and not himself Friday for a WHOLE THREE HOURS

Ruby has been trying to clap for a few weeks and today for the first time she actually (very proudly I might add) clapped

Both babies are trying hard to sign more, and do so when I ask if they want more

Jack tries to ask please.  He is very loud about his desires to have more and when he is I say “you need to say PLEASE” all while signing please.  Now when I say that he tries to sign it (by patting his hand near his chest)

Jack pulls himself up (mainly on me and the laundry basket, but he is trying on other things now too).

Ruby can pull herself up on me, but doesn’t really like to do so on other things.

Both babies can stand and prefer to do so, on things around this house (like ottomans, the couch, chairs, etc)

Jack has one tooth and two more coming any day (I am ready for that day, hopefully his gums won’t bother him so much!!!)

Ruby is knawing on everything in site, so I know she has teeth coming as well.

Jack is by far the most cuddly baby I have EVER held.  He loves (understatement) to hold on to me and hug me at night.  If he is even slightly tired all I have to do is give him a pacifier and sit down in the rocking chair.  Instantly his head hits my shoulder and his hands wrap around me.  I love to rock and feel his little fingers go throuigh my hair.  Some nights I just rock until I am almost asleep. 

Kenniston and Vincent are both doing wonderful in their gym class!  Vincent is so brave and follows his teacher directions wonderfully.  Today he was the leader during obstical course time and did the whole thing (it was a really long one today) all by himself several times.  This was really helpful because I had to stay behind and help Kenniston out, though she did wonderfully as well.  I can already tell how their courage and strength has grown leaps and bounds (so to speak). 

I am embarrased to tell you the following…I got a little frustrated with Kenniston recently.  She kept wanting to wear her rainboots over and over and over again.  That is fine and dandy and all, but when we go to the park it is a little bit hard to run and climb in rainboots.  When I really enforced her to wear the tennis shoes she finally shouted out to me “but Mommy they hurt my feet!!!”  I can’t believe I didn’t realize that she has outgrown yet another pair of shoes!  Today we made a quick trip to Ross and Marshalls (how much do I LOVE those stores?? sooo much!) and picked up two pairs of shoes for less than $20, what a steal!  Both size 8. 

I haven’t really realized it, however after going through all of my pictures and looking over our last week I am realizing just how much of a little Mommy Kenniston is.  She had Vincent’s stuffed Spiderman, the twins “Harry Banana” (a banana toy with a face), and a stuffed doll all lined up on an upside down laundry basket covered with a blanket.  She walked over to me and said “Mommy be quite please, my babies are sleeping.  They really need a nap.”  I tried to stiffle a laugh because that is so something I would have said.  A few minutes later she walked over and said “ok, they are done napping.”  She loves to give her dolls bottles “full of mommy’s milk” (we aren’t pro breast feeding at all around here, HA!) and rock them.  I can’t believe it took me this long to realize her fascination with all of this.  It is so sweet.

Lately Kenniston has made a habit of pulling up the “scholokenblok” (a step stool) and asking us “how can I help you mommy?”  I love it!

Vincent has been mister personality this week.  He has been testing some pretty funny material out with us and honestly it is cracking me up.  He just busts out with some silly stuff and it genuinly makes me laugh, which he loves. 

Vincent is talking more and more about Brian going away, and it seems in fear of him not coming home.  When Brian leaves for work Vincent often asks if Daddy went to Germany.  It seems this upcoming deployment might be our hardest ever.  I am going to talk to somebody about helping him out.  This is far bigger than me alone.  We could use some prayer in this area as well. 

My favorite part of the year is coming upon us.  I so look forward to Thanksgiving, the UT-ATM game, turkey enchilladas, Christmas tree lighting, sleigh rides and most importantly celebrating the birth of Christ with my family.  I love it! 

I hope you enjoyed my mind dump of sorts.  I pray that this week is a little more calm, at least calm enough to let me do a regular update.

Updated: November 23, 2008 — 8:12 am
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