Saying Goodbye is HARD

January 2007

I was at a scrap booking get together (which, BTW, I don’t have time for any more..but that is another post for another day) and I was chatting with some other ladies there. I only knew the hostess, Katie. The other ladies seemed nice.

As we were scrapping Brian called my cell phone. We talked for a few minutes and I asked him if he wanted to try yet another new church. We had been in Washington for 7 months and had tried out 5 churches, none of which seemed to be a match for our family.

One of the other ladies, Becky, overheard me talking to Brian about finding a church and she suggested we try hers. After Brian did his usual online background check (to make sure the belief system matched that of ours), we decided to go ahead and check it out.

We went that first Sunday and shortly after that decided to check out a small group. We stayed in that small group until it grew too big and separated. Soon enough we led our own group, made friends that we prayed with regularly, had plenty of bbqs, camping trips, cried on one another’s shoulders, got pregnant together (7 of us actually, we all gave birth in the beginning of 2008!), held hands & took photographs during labor, helped fold each other’s laundry, cooked meals for one another, passed clothes, toys, tvs, furniture, and many other things along to one another, photographed each other, and countless other things. We were a family…a church family.

Three years and eight months later we have to leave our family behind. Saying good bye to our church family is hard.

We couldn’t leave with out prayers from that family. Pastor John led in that prayer after church today.


I was crying before he even started. Truth be known, I cried before he even called us up.


Even the kids said good bye to their buddies, after all, they had known each other since birth.


We shook hands and hugged Pastor John one last time.


And said good bye to Discovery Community Church.


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