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Five years ago I was laying in a hospital bed in Watertown New York.  Just weeks before I had said goodbye to my amazing husband.  When he left for Iraq I was 39 weeks pregnant with our first child. Said child was 9 days overdue before he arrived.  3 days of labor and at 5:51am a direct replica of that amazing husband was born.  All 7 pounds 5 ounces and 21 inches. I remember looking at him in disbelief that he was my own son.  My sweet little boy.  So serious.  So curious, even just after birth.  I stayed in the hospital just that one night after he was born, but I could not put him down.  I got in trouble for holding him in the middle of the night (I might have fallen asleep while holding him). 
That serious and curious little Vincent grew up, yet remained curious.  He has always been very loving and passionate.  He has grown cautious over the years, yet somehow he still explores the world around him. He had an interesting third year and somewhere in the forth year of life he really changed and has become so much more cooperative once again.  He loves learning about the earth that we live on.  Volcanoes and the Solar System blow his mind and he could talk about them for hours.  He wants so badly to be a super hero so he can help others.  At times he is full of energy, so much in fact that I have to ask him to go outside to release some of it.  He loves his siblings and will stand up to protect them (I have seen him do it).  He will also wrestle them despite please to stop.  He loves them all the same. 
He is my sweet Vincent Boo, my Boo Bear.  I am so glad he is my son.  I pray for him constantly and it is my hope that he continues to have a love for God that inspires others. 

“Good Bye 4”

On a side note, Vincent had the great idea to hold the number 4 in the picture.  I told him we were going to take a picture of him on his last day of being 4 years old.  When I came back to get him to go outside and take the picture he informed me of his plans.  What a smart kid!

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