Secret Brotherhood evening {with Mommy}

This week it was the boys turn to get sick. It was strep throat. again. Let me tell you how sick I am of strep throat, very sick of it. I have to admit, however, that it was really nice to stay at home with the boys this evening while the girls went with Brian to Little Contenders/Keepers of the Faith (a Biblically based boy/girl scouts type program).

Vincent chose the movie Star Wars Clone Wars, so a theme was set. I told the boys to get their pjs on while I prepared the movie and dinner. I heard chattering in the boy’s room and then I heard “THANKS!” Jack ran out and said to me “Mommy, I do not have Star Wars pajamas so Vincent let me wear his!” Vincent came down the hall with a smile on his face. The sentiment was so sweet, my heart was bursting with joy.


As they ate their dinner they watched the movie. Every time Vincent would comment on part of the movie, Jack would say something about it in a very exaggerated voice. I can tell they he so much admires his bit brother. I love their relationship!


Updated: October 20, 2011 — 5:07 am
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