She is growing everyday!

She has been growing and developing leaps and bounds daily. Today while we were eating breakfast she just started clapping out of the blue! She loved it so much she did it most of the day. She is really blossoming into a social person. When Vincent and I sing along with his fridge DJ toy, Kenniston loves to join in our chorus! She also loves to do her own hand motions as she “sings” on her own. She smiles at everyone and knows no stranger. People constantly stop and enjoy her on our regular outings.
Her mobility has increased a lot since I last posted in her web journal. She now crawls backward and can move forward, but isn’t really crawling forward yet. She is very close, but I am in no hurry for her to be mobile just yet. She loves standing up and playing with her big brother. I know they will be good buddies as the years go by.

Updated: December 20, 2006 — 2:19 am
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