She is the baby, when did she grow up?

Today my sweet Ruby-Doo started ballet. She has been waiting for this day for a long time, probably since we moved here to Texas a year ago.

In late April Ruby asked me again about starting ballet and once again I told her that she could start ballet in the fall. This time, however, I told her that she could only take ballet classes *if* she was potty trained. A few days later she was no longer wearing pull ups. Coincidence? I think not.

I might have pulled a similar card the first day of ballet. I told Ruby that if she wanted to go to ballet she needed to have rest and had to stay in her room during nap time. She only came out once, and even then it was to go potty.

Upon entering the room to her ballet class Ruby introduced herself to Mrs. Karen. Mrs. Karen has been teaching ballet for almost 30 years. Although the studio is a madhouse around recital time, I have found it to be the best place for ballet and dance classes in our area.

After introducing herself, Ruby walked to the corner of the room where the girls in pink leotards were gathering. They were all lined up to get their “thinking pills,” aka an M&M.


After that I said my goodbyes and asked Ruby to let me get one more photo. She was admiring herself in the big room mirror, but turned around slightly to give me her “I’m a serious ballerina” look.


Seriously, when did she grow up?

After her class, Mrs. Karen came up to be and told me that Ruby did great! I occasionally peeked in the class window to see how she was doing, and Mrs Karen was right, Ruby was doing great! Smiling and following directions!

Kenniston, once again, is taking ballet. Thankfully her class is just after Ruby’s! When Kenniston walked in she got her thinking pill right away and got on her number. Once on her number she got into first position and started practicing.


What a big girl!

Updated: September 21, 2011 — 12:34 am
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