Holy cow this girl amazes me! Today while I was getting dressed I gave Kenniston some tummy time in the middle of our bed. I have done this a few times and she has been slightly fussy so I have been limiting it to just a few minutes at a time. This time I set her down and she moved her head a bit then rolled over! I could not believe it so I put her back on her tummy again. Within a minute or two she rolled on to her back AGAIN! Her thighs are so strong, I guess it shouldn’t surprise me too much.
Kenniston continues to smile periodically through out the day. Today she smiled for her big brother Vincent a few times. I think she really enjoys it when he sings and talks to her. I really hope and pray that the two of them become great friends as they grow up.

Updated: May 18, 2006 — 1:36 am
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