Sick puky kinda day

Poor baby Jack.  I didn’t realize it, but he started puking this morning.  I thought it was just funky snotty spit up, but after it happened several more times, each time increasing in amount, I realized it was puke.  It happened again and again and again.  And again.  Then when I went in to grab puky blankets to wash I found a quietly crying Jack who, had once again, puked again.  I took him out and Brian changed him.  Thankfully Jack went back to sleep quickly.  Poor guy, I know he can’t feel well.  Thankfully you can’t telll though, he doesn’t have a fever, he hasn’t been fussy and he has seen pretty happy today. 
Ruby, on the other hand has been pretty fussy, very stuffy and I can tell she doesn’t feel well.  She too has had a hard time sleeping well at night (or nap time for that matter).  She doesn’t have a fever either, thankfully. 
So, dear blog readers, please pray for our babies.  One sick baby isn’t much fun, but two sick babies is just down right heart breaking!
Updated: November 18, 2008 — 6:14 am

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