Since Dropshots is not working..

I uploaded a bunch of photos onto flickr and I am posting them here. Kinda frustrating that DS isn’t working, but eh.

Here is the short story of these photos…there was supposed to be a fall festival at a local church. The kids and I got dressed in our costumes and all ready to go:


(Vincent: Jedi from Star Wars, Kenniston: pumpkin, Ruby: Flower Gnome, Jack: Garden Gnome)

and we arrived at the church only to find nobody. Not a single person. No sign. N-O-T-H-I-N-G

Slightly (understatement) disappointed we headed home. The kids watched the Peanuts Halloween show while eating a piece of candy and went to bed. Before going to bed Vincent told me he was most upset about not getting to play games.

I got to think about that later that evening and came up with the idea to throw our own Fall Festival at our house. We would have games, crafts and fun foods. It would be fun.

When the kids woke up and I let them in on my plan boy were they excited!


Kenniston started right away with her idea to have a bean bag toss. No kidding, it was her idea to take socks and fill them with rice (we didn’t have enough so we used beans) and throw them in baskets. We came up with this:




We also had a cake walk. With out any cake we were forced to pass out candy. The kids were oh so disappointed.



(poor Ruby, she excitedly shouted out “I’m on blue!!” Blue wasn’t the color I had picked to win, lol)

There was pumpkin decorating:



The finished products were pretty funny! BTW, they all picked out how to decorate their pumpkins…including where all of the pieces went.


There was a creepy crawlie feely station.

Kenniston feeling “eye balls”


Ewww blood!


Then the big kids wanted to make their rooms a haunted house. They don’t really know what is in a haunted house, however, as they have never seen one. So they each dressed up as a ghost. It was pretty funny, we all laughed hysterically. So much for a “haunted house.” LOL



And what Fall Fest is complete with out bobbing for apples?



Hopefully Dropshots will start cooperating soon. It would be nice to show you more photos. We have been busy with school and trying to keep occupied until next Wednesday…most of you know why 😉

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