So wait, what is going on?

I guess we haven’t been clear. Is the house is for rent? For sale?  Are you living in the trailer? Where is the trailer? Questions questions questions!

Yes, our house is currently on the market to be RENTED.  After careful consideration, we realized it would be best to keep the house as a rent house.  We may still move back into it at some point, but that all depends on the job market in the area.  For now, it is for rent.  We had a minor communication situation with the rental company, so it wasn’t “officially” for rent on their end until 2 weeks ago.  Everything is settled and official.  For now we just pray it gets rented by a good tenant very soon.

Yes, we are living in the trailer.  As of June 1st we have been officially living in our travel trailer.  The travel trailer has been sitting on the property of The Soldier’s Hospitality House since then.  The house that sits on the property is a lovely 7,000 square foot house that is a home away from home for soldiers and their families.  Cadence ministries has these homes at most military bases around the world (yes, even overseas!).  They are a wonderful welcoming organization that gives these families a place of comfort and familiarity in times when things are changing (PCS move after PCS move).  The house here has RV hook ups, which has been wonderful for our family.  We have also been blessed with the opportunity to start our service NOW!  We have been able to watch over the house and help out the host families.




We have all enjoyed taking advantage of living on 16 acres.  Yes SIXTEEN!  Nobody else is here right now, so we have really enjoyed running wild and free.  The kids love chasing bugs, riding bikes, watching wildlife, and just being free.  It has been a lot of fun.  It has also been fabulous for this transition time for our family.  We are just 5 minutes away from our “sticks and bricks” house, so if a need arises, we can take care of it.  Also, the SHH has laundry facilities, showers, and a kitchen that we are free to use.  Our trailer has a shower and kitchen, but sometimes it is nice to break away from our little area and take advantage of the large rooms inside.

Updated: July 6, 2014 — 10:53 pm
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