Some “behind the scenes” moments

It’s hard to describe the planning that has gone into this trip.  We have lived in the travel trailer since June.  Thankfully that was the beginning of summer, which meant everyone’s clothes would be warm weather clothing.  In a space this small, you have to be careful about things like that!  We knew we would leave in late October, the beginning of another season change.  As we packed each box and put it in the storage unit, I made sure to set aside an area near the door that was for the boxes of fall and winter clothes for all of us.

Waaaaaaay back in April, as we were digging in deep to plan all the steps of preparation for this trip, Brian and I sat down to look at his days off.  The plan was to go to the storage unit and pull out the boxes on his last 4 day weekend.

This past weekend was that weekend.

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We loaded up the van with Rubbermaid bins labeled “Fall/Winter” clothes.  We went back to the trailer and I spent the next several hours swapping out our warm weather clothes for the cold weather clothes.  I set aside a few warm weather outfits knowing it may still be fairly warm in the southern states.  I know Florida, Alabama, and Texas  can be fickle that time of year.

The fun didn’t stop there (nor did it stop with the Longhorn football game I was watching whilst sorting these clothes…sigh).  I still had to consider the fact we are not sure where we will be in the spring.  Yeah.

I set aside several warm weather outfits for each child and put them in a bin for the spring.  We couldn’t take those bins back to the storage unit however.  The Army is going to pick up the contents of our unit and hold them for up to 6 months, so we won’t have access to them until we are ready to settle – whatever that means.

So, for the time being, those warm weather outfits will sit in a bin in Brian’s car in my mom’s driveway.  Waiting.  Waiting for God’s direction on our lives.  I can go crazy waiting to see what will happen, but for now I am going to just enjoy the preparations for our trip.  Besides, I have enough to think about….

Updated: October 16, 2014 — 9:30 am
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