Something new for our family

We knew that one day we Brian would teach our kids to shoot a weapon.  We weren’t exactly sure when that day would come, we just knew it would happen.

This year Vincent and Kenniston started scouting.  A few months ago we had the opportunity to attend a camp as a family.  This camp offered many things, one of which was the opportunity to learn how to shoot a bb-gun.  We decided not to go to the camp (it was just more than I wanted to take on, this mama isn’t *that* crazy), but instead Brian would teach the kids how to shoot.  We kind of decided that during the Thanksgiving break that a child turns 8, Brian would teach them how to shoot.  It works for us!

It was a neat rite of passage to see.

Well, now this is happening. #funwithDaddy

Updated: November 26, 2012 — 4:49 am
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