Stories of addiction and Peservatives

Today while we were eating lunch, I looked over and saw a yellow faced Kenniston. This girl ate so many bell peppers, that it *temporarily* stained her face. She might be addicted and that is ok.


All of the kiddos (and us adults) get well rounded meals. Full of protein, veggies, fruits, dairy etc. Far better than preservatives, dyes and sulfates. Thanks to a friend, I came across a blog today about school lunches. After reading what is served in those lunches, I am more than ok with my children being addicted to vegtables. I mean really, is it necessary to have 62 ingrediants in a pizza? Didn’t think so! Though we haven’t made our own dough in a while (couldn’t imagine why, gosh we are lazy!) really it only takes 4 ingrediants. Not 19.

Just because we eat healthy on a daily basis does not mean our kids don’t enjoy the occasional cookie, cake or candy. Nana, Brian, Scott and I can tell you a great story about Vincent who wasn’t even 2 yet. While swimming in his backyard kiddie pool at Mom’s house, he heard Nana (my mom) say “in 10 minutes the cake will be done.” That sweet little brocoli loving boy *jumped* out of his beloved swimming pool, yelled “CAAAAAKE” and ran towards his Nana. Um yeah, my kids love sweets too.

I know they also look forward to our upcoming garden. The kids and I started it yesterday. Well, who am I kidding. We started the outline of it. It took well over an hour, but we picked up fairly medium/big rocks (about the size of a large fist) and we made an outline of where the garden will go. Hopefully tomorrow I can get some soil and fertilizer and we can start the next step. Either way, each step is a lesson learned and we all love it!

Updated: March 18, 2010 — 5:53 am
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