Sweet Ruby Adeline

Dear Ruby,
When did you grow up? How did it seem like I just blinked and now you are speaking to me in complete sentances, asking and answering questions, and the biggest indicator {in my silly little head anyway} you are covering yourself with your blankets at night when you are cold. You, my dear sweet, little petite, curious, giggly girl are growing up way too fast. You know my routines. When I picked you up from your high chair to get you down from dinner (which I know I don’t need to do, you have gotten up and down plenty of times on your own…but I still like to help you do so) you said to me “hugs” then you hugged me. “Kisses” then you kissed me. “I love you Mommy, down” and you proceeded to *try* to push your way down. While it completely melted my heart, it broke it in the same way. I know you guys will eventually grow up, it happens. It is just so crazy to watch such a tiny little girl do such big kid things. It isn’t typical of a toddler to say “Kenniston” or “Afghanistan.” And most babies don’t say dinosaur, yes I did type “babies.” Ruby dear, you were right at a year old when you first said that word. So, why am I so surprised to see you grow up? I don’t know, but either way, I am proud to be your mommy. I love you dear sweet smart Ruby, you will always be my baby.


ps. Like I have said all along, you look very similar to your older brother, especially now. Even though I find him quite handsome, you my dear, are a beautiful little girl!

Updated: December 30, 2009 — 7:07 am

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