Take me out to the ball park..take me out to the game..

Our friends, the Fowlers, noticed that a baseball game was on our summer bucket list and they quickly offered to join us when we did that event.  This weekend we were able to check that off the list!

The kids all had a great time and it was nice to have Timbo there to help explain the rules and regs to Vincent who was full of questions about the game.  While the kids were entertained with the game and each other Robin and I chatted about school (she also homeschools her 4 boys) and other “chick” things.  It was a great summer activity.

Take me out to the ball game....


Timbo explaining the game. #hesabetterteacherthanI

This one should be titled "it seemed like a good idea at the time."

Once the kiddos began to get a little antsy, we headed over to the Dell Diamond Play area.  There is a playground that is free, but also any number of activities that you can pay to do.  One of those activities is a rock wall climbing station.  Kenniston went with the Fowler boys to climb the wall, while I went with the rest of the kids who chose to play on the playground.

As we left the playground Ruby told me in a very upset voice that she too wanted to climb the rock wall.  She was serious, very serious.  So, I paid the $3 and bought her a ticket to climb the rock wall.

Guess whose little hands hold this ticket...

She waited patiently until it was her turn.  She was a little nervous about putting on the harness, but once she started to climb, she didn’t stop until she got just above the half way mark.  She stopped and didn’t want to continue.  I convinced her to take another step, then she decided that she was really done.  She slowly came down and I could see a big, slightly nervous smile on her face.

Miss Ruby-Doo!! #bravegirl

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