Take me out to the ballgame!

This week our local baseball stadium had an awesome special for homeschool families. We were able to score tickets for just a couple of bucks! Even though Brian wasn’t able to join us, we had to go see a game!

I know just enough about baseball to tell the kids the basics of what is going on. That is about it. I did know however that there was a super cool playscape at the ball park and they had cotton candy. And Cracker Jacks. They were sold!

I wasn’t sure how far away the ball park was (it is actually just north of Austin, less than an hour away), so we left really early. We also got there really early. This gave the kids plenty of time to play on the playscape and watch the opposing team, the New Orleans Zyphers warm up.

Speaking of the Zyphers…so the last time we went to a ball game was August 7 2007. I only remember the date because it happened to be the same day I was told I was pregnant with twins. So yeah, it has been a while for all of us. As we watched the Zyphers warm up one of the players threw a ball out to the kids. Vincent was so excited that he threw the ball back. The poor kid didn’t realize that the players were throwing the ball to us. Thankfully another player saw the incident and, even though playfully, threw it back to us. Needless to say I explained how it worked and then guarded the ball afterwards.

By this time the kiddos were getting hungry and antsy for the game to start. We bought some hot dogs and ate them in the sweltering heat as we waited for the game to start.



After rolling down the grassy hill (bless the person who put that hill by the rocking chairs!!!) the kids were ready to try out a few goodies.

Cotton Candy


Cracker Jacks


Before too long I realized that we should probably head home knowing that we still had an hour long drive.


All in all I think I was a pretty good companion for the kids that evening.


Updated: August 24, 2011 — 3:47 am
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